Missional Communities

Everybody wants to be part of a great community, but sometimes it's really hard to find one.

'MCs' are communities of people who are committed to serving each other and their neighbours. They gather together regularly in various ways and settings that facilitate common mission and encourage others to experience the grace and goodness of Jesus.

They meet together in various ways, ranging from Bible studies and prayer sessions, shared meals in homes, trivia nights at a local pub, neighbourhood barbecues, family playtime at nearby parks, and meeting the needs of those who are struggling, isolated or marginalised.

Why We Do Missional Communities

We form missional communities because of our understanding of what the Bible says about us - our commitment to God (UP), to each other (IN) and to our neighbours (OUT).


Because God Calls Us Disciples (UP)

Christians are called to be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ—this is what it means to be disciples. As His disciples, we are empowered by the Spirit to increasingly understand God’s Word, embrace the Gospel, embody our new identity in Christ, and obey Christ’s commands. Missional Communities provide a unique environment to grow as disciples together through the study of the Scriptures, prayer for one another, mutual encouragement and Gospel-fluent conversations about life.


Because God Calls Us Family (IN)

The Bible teaches that we have been adopted into God’s family through Jesus. This compels us to love and serve one another as brothers and sisters. Missional communities intentionally commit to live life as a spiritual family — sharing their time, resources, needs, hurts and successes. They value knowing each other’s stories, and delight in sharing the family’s strengths and struggles. The best way to be in community is to live life together as God’s family.


Because God Calls Us Witnesses (OUT)

Just as Jesus was sent to reach us, so we are in turn sent by the Holy Spirit into our communities to proclaim the good news of God’s kingdom. A witness is simply someone who experiences the love of God in Christ and goes out to tell others how it has transformed their life. A missional community is a launch pad for common activities that will build connections with others, a place to welcome in those seeking spiritual truth and real community, and encourage each other to live missional lives.